Google+ PSD cover template

Google Plus recently redesigned its layout again and this time it allows us to upload a HUGE photo for our cover. Use this Photoshop template to carefully design your cover and make sure everything sits in the right place.

Google Plus Photoshop template

Google Plus Photoshop template with editable layers and full mockup

Editable text and smart objects


The file contains two layer compositions for the two “layout views” on Google Plus. All important elements are also editable. I’ll update this article later with the full instructions on how to use the template file.

So how is this template different?

  • Design full size covers (2045x1152px) or design to scale, your choice.
  • Overlaid with Google+ page elements (yes, including the gradients over the cover) so you can make an actual mockup and not just the cover image. No more guessing and perfect to show your clients how the page will look.
  • All important text are editable: Profile name, email, URL, etc.
  • Uses smart objects for the profile picture: add or design your profile picture once and it will update the main profile picture and small thumbnails on the top bar and post area.
  • Includes two layer compositions so you can easily switch between the default view and the full cover image view, no need to recreate anything.
  • Accurate guidelines for easy cropping.

[ezLink url=”” class=”binicon-download” category=”download”]Download Google+ PSD cover template (Google Drive)[/ezLink]